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More on What is MAP Master Affiliate Profits

By Sean

March 2, 2024

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Quick update here the opening date is now the 30th of April. Then the Free Element of Membership will kick in.  At the moment it is still get in early and save on all those monthly fees.  

Plus get ready for the launch!  

Phase 2: Currently underway! Our cherished MAP backers now have access to the MAP members area! Backers can set up their payment preferences, access their MAP referral link, and what's more exciting – be able to refer more backers! 

This phase is the final call to be a backer and seize lifetime access for a single, low price while enjoying 75% commissions and basking in the glow of all the free traffic we’re ushering in!

MAP master affiliate profits

Top class educational materials on Internet and affiliate marketing

I wanted to expand a bit on what exactly makes Master Affiliate Profits or MAP for short, different from so many plans and systems that are available to existing affiliate marketers and those people who are just starting out and learning how to do affiliate marketing.

At the time of writing this piece, there are many reasons to jump on board now. Getting in on anything early does give you certain advantages, while we are in phase 2 there is certainly a financial advantage in terms of how being a backer relates to monthly fees for all the high-end training materials that are available.

They will always be valuable and using and applying what is taught is, and I have to be careful how I say this… Will increase your chances of being successful in affiliate marketing exponentially.  But paying a one-time fee makes a lot of sense.


You missed out!

Master Affiliate Profits (MAP): A Brief Overview

In the vast landscape of affiliate marketing, Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) emerges as a revolutionary ecosystem designed to transform the affiliate marketing experience. Unlike traditional affiliate programs that offer minimal support, MAP provides a holistic suite of tools, resources, and community support, to aid the success of its members.

Founders and Vision

Developed by the experienced trio John Thornhill, Omar Martin, and Melinda Martin, MAP is the product of their combined extensive industry knowledge. Their vision was to create an affiliate ecosystem that addresses the typical challenges marketers face, offering a path to success paved with comprehensive training, integrated tools, and an engaged community.

Core Components of MAP

  • Integrated Tools and Resources: MAP equips marketers with everything needed to succeed, from squeeze pages and sales funnels to email sequences and payment processing systems.

  • Comprehensive Training: The platform features detailed training modules on crucial marketing strategies, including list building, email marketing, and traffic generation.

  • Community and Support: At MAP, community engagement and support are paramount, providing a network of like-minded individuals for collaboration and encouragement.

  • Lifetime Commissions: MAP introduces a hard-coded referral system, rewarding members with commissions on future purchases made by their referrals, ensuring a sustainable income stream.

  • Automated Marketing: MAP takes on the marketing efforts on behalf of its members, promoting upgrades and additional purchases within the ecosystem.

Addressing List Sabotage

A standout feature of MAP is its approach to combating list sabotage - a common challenge where affiliate platforms utilise marketer-generated leads for their own benefit.

MAP's ethical lead management and hard-coded referrals ensure that members retain ownership of their leads, safeguarding their efforts and investments.

Educational Modules and Tools

MAP's commitment to education is evident in its detailed training modules that cover every aspect of affiliate marketing, complemented by practical tools and resources.

These modules are designed to empower members with knowledge and strategies for driving targeted traffic and maximizing conversions.

Joining the Revolution

MAP offers a unique opportunity for marketers at any level to join a supportive ecosystem focused on growth and success. With its innovative tools, ethical practices, and comprehensive training, MAP is redefining affiliate marketing, making it more accessible and rewarding for everyone involved.

I can’t say this enough MAP or Master Affiliate Profits, is the first of its kind, affiliate marketing platform.  

I thought at the time and I’m becoming more convinced every time I visit the MAP Facebook page, that it is the bee’s knees!  People are loving it.

The posts on how quickly some people are able to monetise their membership in the MAP program is inspirational.  So to end this piece, "Good Luck To All Of US" and hopefully I will see you in the facebook group soon!

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