March 21


Internet Make Money Online Searches

By Sean

March 21, 2024

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Good question, when times are tough and you are looking for a way to bring in some extra cash. A quick internet search will bring you so many results it goes into higher numbers than I can count.

Low or No cost business Plan

Start an Online Business When Money is Tight

And that’s just the start of a very deep rabbit hole that will have you pulling your hair out.  Some of the results have even higher numbers.

I’ve included another example of a search below.  Truly I could do dozens of these. I think you’ve got the idea.

Possibly it is because of one of those searches that you have come across this piece of work.

On the next page I will go into what I did personally when I got to a point where I was the one doing these kinds of searches.

Making money online for a beginner

This advice is aimed at people who are starting from absolute point A and do not know much about the Internet and Marketing.

Search Results

What to do... That is the question

The picture above is getting there. That is good advice on the surface.

My advice based on experience is slightly different.  I suggest you go out and do stuff, make a the cash that you need now. Making money online is not instant or quick in my experience. There is a learning curve an it is very easy to follow the wrong road when you are brand new to internet marketing. 

A friend and I pooled our money bought a ladder and started cleaning windows. 

One guess who had to go up the ladder all the time 😊

You got it, muggins!

Here is a brief list of some of the really, not so good jobs I’ve done to bring in a few bob.  You do what you have to when needs must.

  • Window cleaning
  • Potato picking (Hard)
  • Fruit picking (Hard and another early in the morning back breaker)List Element
  • Frozen pet food warehouse unloading refrigerated artics (Big lorries) 
  • Warehouse order picking
  • Labouring on building sites
  • Painting and odd jobs
  • The list goes on and on
  • The point is that those jobs bought in some cash, and then I started on the “Make Money Online” malarky.  

The Rabbit Hole of Internet Marketing

The Internet can be very cruel to beginners. There is a lot of snake oil and miracle potions out there. It really is a case of buyer beware!

Good advice mixed in with some bad can cost you a lot of money. I could literally write page after page of don’t do this don’t go there etc. etc.

Writing this for you has just given me an idea for an series of emails to help people on my list! But I’m going off track now.

What you want is to know about “ How do you start a business with NO money.

It can be confusing. Do what, start where. This picture illustrates that.

Where to begin?

So, lets get into that

Knowledge, without some of that you are wasting your time.  I’m half way through a couple of reports, which I am now going to prioritise and send to people who join my email list, and I will send it ASAP.

One report is called: From Zero to Hero: A beginner’s guide to Internet marketing.

I’ll be honest its as dry as dust and I was going to rewrite the whole thing. But I just need to get it out there.  There will be an update on that soon.  Once I’ve formatted it. You can read the first version here.

The other report is called:  A very low-cost high value business plan.

Catchy titles um?

That business plan is actually not so bad. For a low cost/no cost for some, plan it is a base that can be built on and grow. Part of it is so new the paint is still wet.

Here is an important fact about the plan in that report it is constantly being updated, the plan is still taking shape so the live report may well be edited the next time you read it!  

I presented the plan to ChatGPT and the AI liked it!  That was a turn-up for the books 🙂 I'm looking forward to developing it.

One of the stages, I’m writing about is still not open for a couple of weeks.

I’m writing this in the early stages of a new program.

But I know it is going to help the people that an article or post like this is trying to help. 

Beginners need good sign posting onto productive roads and routes by passing the snake oil and potions.

For a quick peak at two elements of the plan you can go here.

This first one is not ready for free membership yet. Depending on what date you read this?

Master Affiliate Profits.

The second part of the plan has/had a free element hopefully, it is still open.

Systeme Funnel Builder.

I strongly recommend you consider joining those programs. I am an affiliate for them and will earn a commission in the future if you upgrade. 

Which is the name of the game. Affiliate marketing!  I know that you will only upgrade if you can see the value of them. Which I believe you will. 

Look out for my two reports, that I’m putting together to give this post more value.

One is available now... The dry as dust one, 🙁 Sorry.  The good one will be tomorrow  I need a cup of tea!  The link is above... From Zero to Hero.

Quick update on that after my tea I wrote it and the link is above, enjoy.

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I'm not used to being so public. But the internet has changed since I last did some blogging. This picture is of yours truly and not a ChatGPT version of a Handsome hunk :) If you're not laughing, have a beer! Content on this site is written by yours truly and not generated by AI. Which is a subject I will be covering. For now, my focus is mainly on MAP before it goes into phrase 3.

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